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What You Need To Know To Sew With Raw Denim

You can always buy raw denim jeans ready-made, but it cannot provide you with the joy of making your own. Besides, the price can be up to a couple of hundred dollars.

If you have gained enough experience to conquer a sturdy fabric, why not make a denim project?

Use Heavy-Duty Thread

There is no reason to use a thin and flimsy thread for a heavyweight fabric like denim, and I mean leaving the all-purpose thread behind because it cannot hold denim for long.

A better choice would be a cotton thread for both bobbin and needle. Remember to adjust the tension accordingly. Some machines allow you to change the tension as you wish, if you want to know which one, read this Ultimate Guide To Best Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews And Comparison to find out.

To make sure the thread and the pressure are ready to sew denim, test on a piece of scrap first.

Use A “Hump-Jumper”


A “hump-jumper”

The lumpy seams do not look neat or nice and they can damage your sewing machine.

The sudden change from overlapping seams to regular ones can bend your needle and cause wonky looking projects.

In this case, a “hump-jumper” to make the back of the foot to the same height with the front can be the best solution.

Use A Walking Foot

Two layers of raw denim can be fed unevenly through the sewing machine just like slippery fabrics.

The best way is to use a walking foot. It can also feed the project through the machine at the same pace for the bottom and upper layers. But this foot has an edge over the Teflon one as it can handle a wide range of difficult fabrics.

A walking foot comes as standard for my best rated sewing machines for beginners. If yours does not, you can always buy one separately.

Another good method to solve this problem is to use a Teflon foot, which allows the fabric to travel at the same pace. If you decide to go for this way, you will want to adjust the height of the presser foot.

Sew With A Needle For Denim

You can always use an all-purpose needle to sew anything as long as you apply the right techniques. But for raw denim, a specialty needle is advised.

Denim needle can handle the thickness of the fabric with ease while at the same time, produce neat top stitches without changing to another needle.

Remember to adjust the tension accordingly when you use this needle.

Make Use Of Edge Stitching Feet


An edge stitching foot

Topstitching to decorate a raw denim project is will give it a classic look. You can do this with a regular foot but an edge stitching foot will make the process easier and faster.

In case you want to experiment with stitch options, a best computerized sewing machine for beginners can provide many stitch types. If you are considering buying one like that, this article might help: for more information.

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