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  1. --Moderators-- please delete this post if its not allowed. Translate was giving me issues on the forum rules page. As may of you know I did a lot of consulting with Creality to help ensure this is a quality product, if you want to buy the new 3DPrintMill and help support my channel at the same time, here is my affiliate link to the Kickstarter.
  2. Naomi and I are working to fix those issues and are trying to make this the best possible printer for first release. I don't know of any printer that is perfect right out of the box, and especially not a new style of printer to mass production. Sorry, I tend to take this project personally as my goal since building the White Knight was to bring Belt printing to the masses. Until a company mass produces this type of printer I don't believe we will see major improvements until enough people have one and start designing improvements.
  3. If it makes you feel any better I've been doing a lot of testing on this already.. Naomi has been working very hard to convince Creality that there is a market for this style printer.. In this case I believe the Kickstarter is more to prove there are enough people interested to justify production.
  4. Here is my latest video.
  5. To be honest I can't see any advantage to putting the carriage on the under side.. Because the entire X-axis is on a 45 degree tilt no matter which side of the extrusion you mount it to gravity will always be trying to twist it straight up and down.. An advantage to having it on top is that its much easier to service, if it were on the under side you would be trying to mount everything from the bottom and fighting gravity instead of it laying on the top of the carriage.. As for weak-point only time will tell but I think it may actually make for more even distribution to the V-wheels. On a n
  6. That was only one half of the sword (so just one side of the example picture). The mirror of it still needs to be printed and then glued together..
  7. I understand .. It all depends on which direction you need the sheer strength to be. Imagine printing a cylinder 20mm in diameter and 150mm tall on a normal printer and print the same cylinder on a belt printer. Try breaking them in half and see which is stronger .. Because the layers are at an angle you have more surface area on each layer and thus a stronger print .. But this all depends on how you position a model and in which direction you need the strength to be .. For example when I print swords I split the model lengthwise down the blade and ten glue the two halves together. Because the
  8. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. I will try to not get to serious.. I take the subject of the CR-30 very serious because I truly want to see a belt printer make it to mass production so the community can help improve this style of printer.. Until more people have one it will remain a novelty and see very little improvement.. This is the reason I agreed to work with Creality, to ensure the printer they take to market will be quality printer.
  9. My build is not easy and definitely not for beginners, but can be very satisfying to complete. Sadly many of my sources are US based so shipping can be a major downfall for other countries.
  10. Hi, On belt printers the belt is considered the Z-axis so the y-axis is the tilted axis.. Your post did not translate well to english, but form what I can tell your main concerns seem to be resistance of large prints and layer adhesion. From my experience the layer adhesion is just as good as a normal print and in fact by tilting the axis you spread the layers out wider on many prints resulting in stronger prints. As for friction of longer prints I haven't done enough testing to say how big you can go on the CR-30 but it seems every bit as strong as my White Knight (possibly st
  11. Hi, First let me say that I am NAK 3D Designs and the moderators are welcome to verify that the e-mail used to register this account is the same listed in all my videos. I would like to clarify a few incorrect statements in this post. 1. I have only ever received one of these printers from Creality. It was damaged in shipment so this was not Creality's fault it did not originally work. 2. I was not under any obligation to use only Creality's Models, I just chose to use those models.. The cylinder was not their model.. 3. I sliced these models myself and have given all my
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