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vends MULTEC Multirap M420S

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Bonjour , suite au bug du forum je republis mes annonces 


imprimante multec M420

N°1 complette et marche , vendu avec la licence pour le logiciel androide

n'a pas le capteur de level du bed.

N°2 a reviser vendu complette mais partiellement demonté , avec l'option capteur du level du bed


  • prix du neuf 1800€
  • mon prix : 400€

localisation : Nimes

envois : a definir car complexe 


Technical data Multirap M420                                    Pdf-Download

The construction kit of the high-volume 3D-Printer M420 is delivered with a high degree of pre-assembly. Like all Multirap 3D-Printers, extruders, controls and cabling are prefabricated, assembling of the components, plugging and starting to print. In addition, the assembly of the model M420 is much more comfortable than with the M300 or M200, since the connection elements of the M420 are delivered pre-assembled.

The linear axes of the M420 are designed to be way stronger than the ones of the smaller models M300 and M200. Further, the Z-axis has doubled guiderails and 50% increased longitudinal forces.



  M420 Duo Pro Multirap

Printing area
(length x width x height)

400 x 210 x 220 mm
Printing volume 18,5 liters
Device dimensions
(length x width x height)
700 x 700 x 720 mm
Weight 17 kg
Positioning accuracy
X- und Y-axis
1/64 mm
Positioning accuracy
1/1600 mm
Layer thickness 0,02 - 0,4mm
Standard nozzle diameter / filament diameter 0,5mm/2,85-3,0mm
Retrofit nozzle diameter / filament diameter



Nozzle temperature min./max 175°C - 255°C
External power supply 230V
Internal power supply 12V
Power max. 400W
Extruder options Multex Pro Single oder Duo

no heated bed

12V heated bed

230V heated bed *)

Milling and engraving options easily retrofit
Nozzle cooling included
Upgrade kit Dual easily retrofit

Multirap touch controls 

Professional 3D-printing software Simplify3D optional
Freeware-Software compatible yes
Integrated filament spool hanger 4-8 spools
Extruder height adjustment included

*) Notice: For reasons of safety (230V) this heated bed has to be installed by an electrician. The required relais and fuses have to be provided by an electrically qualified person as well!

For further information: 
Software, Videos, Galerie, FAQ und News

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