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Firmware Skynet, le retour.

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Salut à tous, je viens de voir que le développeur de skynet a repris du service.

Il a intégré les Anet A2, A6, A8, E10 et E12 et les creality cr-10, par contre la structure des fichiers de configuration a complètement changé par rapport au Marlin de base et aux précédentes versions de skynet. Et il n'y a plus 2 fichiers de configuration mais 4. Ceci dit la structure de ces fichiers de configuration est relativement facile à comprendre (et il n'y a plus besoin de faire un copier coller), mais les explications, tutoriels et autres documents sont en anglais.

Je ne l'ai pas encore testé.
Publication d'origine de Peter Mathew Robinson: "

hi guys.. its been a while since i've posted here and yes im still alive! . As we all know- Skynet3d is a dead project since we got Anet supported in marlin. however i have still been getting mail asking for updates as clearly there's still people who need the extra guidance. tomorrow im releasing an updated sensor which will now be compatible with the E10 & E12 so i thought id release a firmware package to go along with my products.

the firmware is based on Timothy Hoogland 's unified firmware for Creality U1 R1. It is by far the easiest version of marlin to install and now i bring it to you for Anet 1f642.png:)

Fair doos... im really made up with what Tim has done here and to be honest this is originally what i would have liked skynet to end up like, but at the time i just didn't have the skillset to make it happen! UNIFIED ALL THE WAY !!!

apart from moving around some of tims code to make way for non- full graphic displays and adding in the anet configuration options- the only other changes are to the autolevel routine which will differ from tims version as i found it painfully slow. id like some feedback from users if possible on this and if people dont like it then it can be amended.

you can download the firmware here:…

use it at your own risk

sensors and other mods can be found on my ebay store page

all feedback will be appreciated

happy printing


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