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ELEGOO Discord Server GIVEAWAY (jusqu'au 07/01/2023 UTC)

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Salutation !

Je viens de voir passer dans le groupe Facebook privé ELEGOO Jupiter 3D Printer Owners le post suivant



New Playground to Connect All The 3D Printing Lovers - ELEGOO Discord Server GIVEAWAY🎊🎊
Hello guys, have you been looking for a platform to talk with 3D printing lovers in real time? The door to ELEGOO Discord Server has widely opened to you! People who enter the server in the first SEVEN days have a chance to win surprises!!! Follow the rules below and get an entry:
✅. LIKE this post.
✅. ENTER the ELEGOO Discord Server and participate in the giveaway:
3D printers*3:
  1. SATURN 8K LCD 3D Printer *1
  2. MARS 3 4K LCD 3D Printer *1
  3. NEPTUNE 3 Pro FDM 3D Printer *1
  1. ABS-like Resin V2.0(1000g, random color) *2
  2. Thermochromic Resin(1000g, random color) *2
  3. Plant-based Resin(1000g, random color) *3
  4. ABS-like Resin(1000g, random color) *3
  5. Water-washable Resin(1000g, random color) *3
  6. Standard Resin(1000g, random color)*4
Feb.01- Feb.07, UTC
ELEGOO will select 20 lucky winners randomly in the DISCORD SERVER on Feb.07, UTC
SHARE IS CARE. Share this post with more friends and invite them to the server!
All Rights Reserved by ELEGOO.
May be an image of bottle and text that says 'ELEG ELEGOO DISCORD GIVEAWAY Enter ELEGOO Official Server to win prizes ELEGOO 20 lucky winners DURATION: Feb.01-Feb.07,UTC aoeh ELEGOSATRNED'

Lien d'invitation pour le serveur Discord Elegoo (généré par mes soins)

Bonne continuation a tous.

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Félicitation aux gagnants !


Ryan (G33kt3ch) — Aujourd’hui à 20:06
@everyone Please give a big Congrats to our winners of the first ELEGOO Giveaway. More to come in the future of course. Thanks again to every one who signed up and Congrats again to all our Winners

1: One SATURN 8K 3D Printer ; @DeckedLamb 
2: One MARS 3 4K 3D Printer ; @Cryface 
3: One NEPTUNE 3 Pro 3D Printer  ; @maikerudg 

4: One bottle of ABS-like Resin v2.0; @illy1234 
5: One Bottle of ABS-like Resin V2.0 ; @Abael 
6: One bottle of Thermochromic Resin; @MA
7: One bottle of Thermochromic Resin ; @BorisTheBoat 
8:  One bottle of Plant-based Resin; @Supertron 
9:  One bottle of Plant-based Resin; @Eric B 
10: One bottle of Plant-based Resin ; @chainz 
11: One bottle of ABS-like Resin; @Falcon 
12: One bottle of ABS-like Resin; @Hybrid110 
13: One bottle of ABS-like Resin; @Bot Force 
14: One bottle of Water-washable Resin; @Giller 
15: One bottle of Water-washable Resin; @Retired Android 
16: One bottle of Water-washable Resin; @Unknown User 
17:One bottle of Standard Resin; @Nai 
18: One bottle of Standard Resin; @Vandersnark 
19: One bottle of Standard Resin; @Ferstee 
20: One bottle of Standard Resin; @Nannerstout

Message @ELEGOO to clam your prize. Please remember you have 24 hours to send your message or the prize will be redrawn. 


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