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Need help connecting new LCD screen to emotronic board.

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Dear friends hi! I need your valuable help.

I have a microdelta rework 3d printer and I am trying to connect a new lcd screen, because the original appears to have a problem with the external sd card reader.

I get a Bigtreetech TFT24 v1.1 lcd screen that says it has two working modes. One is uart touch mode, and the other is 12864 mode.

Could you please help me to make this work with my printer? Thank you all in advance.

(Sorry that I write in English, but I dont understand French language. I try with translator)

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And here is the problem that I have with the original screen:

When I insert an external sd card, the light of LCD screen turns off (the light and the brightness almost to zero), the fans turns off, and I am not able to do anything, it just freezes the whole printer. When I remove the sd card, the screen lights up again but the machine does not respond.
The printer seems to work ok without the external sd card. The sd card is the same that I use for all of my prints on that machine. I haven't changed anything, and I haven't this problem in the past.
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The UART mode use a RX and a TX line (and probably a Reset line ) : it's bascially a serial port. The 12864 use a parallel mode. (you can find the datasheet with google).

I'll be hard to find out what's wrong without a scheme 🙂. How do you connect the screen with the main board ? 

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I have connect with uart mode, based on a scheme I found here on another post. I connected the cables except the reset, but the screen dont open.

I prefer to use this screen as 12864 mode, but have difficult time to figure out the right cables. When I connect with parallel mode, the screen works on uart mode, but there is no communication with the printer. When I change to 12864 mode, the screen is black.

I am attaching the pins for the new screen and the pins of the motherboard, if anyone could help me, I will appreciate that. Thank you




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Hi, with the help of a friend, we managed to make the btt tft24 screen to work, with uart connection and touch mode.

I am able to perform homing, to set temperatures for the nozzle and the bed, and to start/stop fans.

There is a problem now with the calibration probe. I cannot perform levelling using the probe.

Have you any idea what is happening and how to overcome this problem? Thank you in advance


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Hi, just a little advice to get some more help on this french forum : translator does the job pretty well to reconciliate french and english speakers 😉

For my part, I switched to a Duet 2 WiFi on my MicroDelta Rework so Smoothieware is far away for me now, but did you checked that  the pins are correctly assigned, without conflict between the screen and the z probe ?

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